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Stockpiling Food: How Much Is Enough?

There are many reasons to stock up on more food that you’ll need in the immediate future. Planning for a storm, preparing for an electrical outage or prepping for the end of the world all require extra food. Before you go out and get a club card at a big-bulk discount store, follow this guide […]

Top 10 Foods to Have on Hand in The Event of a Natural Disaster

You never know when something terrible might happen, such as a blizzard, hurricane, tornado or earthquake. If one of these natural disasters happen, it is likely that you will not have access to utilities. This situation may result in your inability to cook meals or have access to a working microwave. For these reasons, it […]

Dehydrate Your Short Term Emergency Food

Preparing for emergency food storage can require as much thought as preparing for long term food storage. In fact the same type of planning is necessary but the items may be different. Each person’s needs must be addressed and planned for. A short term emergency usually means that things will be back to normal in […]