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MREs: Are They Really as Gross as Their Reputation Says?

MREs — or Meals Ready to Eat — have developed a horrible reputation among the fighting men and women for whom they were invented.

Bestowed by service members with nicknames like “Meals Rarely Edible” and “Meals Rejected by Everyone,” these long-lasting military food rations are built to withstand a 1,250-foot parachute drop, but can they […]

Top Online Places to Purchase Water Purification Supplies

Erin Steiner is a freelance writer and web content producer from Portland, Oregon.

Obviously you want your water to be as clean as possible. Nobody wants to drink water that will make them sick. Unfortunately, not everybody lives in an area in which drinking clean water is as easy as turning on a faucet. […]

3 Last Minute Survival Scenarios

3 Last Minute Survival Scenarios by

We know that waiting till the last second is not a good idea, but for some it is the only option. So we have taken three possible average scenarios and broken them down for you. All scenarios will include a family of 4 – Mom, Dad and two […]