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5 Reasons to Begin a Food Storage System Today

There are many reasons people decide to establish and maintain a long-term food storage, but they generally tend to fall under the two categories of protection and peace of mind. You never know when personal, city, national or even global tragedy may strike. Can you imagine what your life would be like not being able to satisfy the most basic needs of food and water for you and your family? Food storage is a way to hope for the best and plan for the worst.

    1. Protection from Financial CrisisAs can be seen from current economic instabilities, it is impossible to foresee what will happen with the economy. Maintaining a proper food storage can protect you from inflation. How long would your savings account last if apples suddenly jumped to $5 per pound and a loaf of bread was $10?

Additionally, there are various individual financial disasters that can occur such as the inability to work due to injury or sickness, job cutbacks, death of a loved one, the need to care for a loved one or any number of large, unplanned financial strains such as medical bills, a lawsuit or costly repairs to your home. It is nearly impossible to know when the money will run out. Your personal food storage can act as a savings account against these unforeseen financial hardships.

  1. Protection from Natural DisastersBe it earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis or snow storms, it seems Mother Nature holds all the cards, and you never know when she is going to lay them down. These disasters can leave us without power and cut off the food and water supply for weeks. A fridge without power can keep your food cold enough for a few hours before giving way to harmful bacteria, which can lead to dangerous food poisoning. What will you eat when you can’t cook the chicken that you stocked in your freezer and your supply of breakfast cereal has run out after just a few days?
  2. Protection During Times of WarThere seems to be turmoil of sorts all over the world, and we never know when it may happen on our turf. If this happened, we may need to stay inside our homes for days, weeks or even months. Additionally, production may shut down or roads may close making it impossible to get food and other supplies to and from the store.
  3. Protection from Disease OutbreaksJust as we may be locked in our homes during times of war, the same is true of disease outbreaks such as the Hong Kong influenza outbreak that killed 1 million people in 1968 or the 1918-1920 flu pandemic that took over 50 million lives. While these outbreaks happened some 50 plus years ago, experts say an outbreak of this magnitude is still possible. In 2003, the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) took the lives of over 800 people.In the past, viruses could take 6-9 months to reach different parts of the world. Today, with so many air travelers, outbreaks can happen anywhere and be passed easily. If such an outbreak arises, you may have to pick between starving in your home and heading out to pick up a loaf of bread in addition to the illness being passed around.
  4. Peace of Mind Knowing You are Protected from the UnforeseenThe possibilities of our food supply becoming limited seem too great to count and are quite depressing to think about. We can’t control the economy or cure the world of natural disasters, disease and turmoil. Instead of just thinking about the possible disasters, take the steps necessary to ensure you and your family will be nourished when hard times come. You deserve the peace of mind that comes from food storage.

If the idea of food storage seems overwhelming at first, start with a simple one or two-week emergency plan and build upon it gradually. There are many ways to start your food storage today. You can take the traditional route of purchasing boxes of canned goods at the store and implementing a rotational usage system. Alternatively, you can check out one of the many online food storage retailers that offer pre-packaged meals with amazing shelf lives and eliminate much of the guesswork for you. Simply order the foods you enjoy most at the quantities your family would need.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Lee Flynn is a freelance writer and expert in outdoor survival and food for emergency preparedness.

Picture Credit Above- Specialty Bottle Sells Canning Jars at very affordable pricepoints

The 1"x2"s that help keep the canning jars from falling are painted with chalkboard paint. Then you can label each section with what is stored in the jars.

Dreamy Food Storage Pantry From

Dreamy Food Storage Pantry From

Dreamy Food Storage Pantry From

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