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7 Tips to Stockpiling Emergency Food

You live in the real world and have to deal with daily problems, issues, and emergencies. You probably don’t have the time or mental energy to worry about future catastrophes or doomsday scenarios.

That’s fine - but what about more common disasters, like hurricanes, snowstorms, or severe floods? These could knock power and other services […]

Reasons Why Water Is A Basic Need For Survival

Everyone knows that we need water to live. But do we all know the reasons why?

If you recall your basic human biology class, you would know that two out of three parts of our body is made out of water and almost every aspect of our cellular function relies on it. You would […]

No Food Storage Plan?: Give Wise Foods A Try

The following is a guest post by KGC that originally appeared on The Survivalist Blog. (The sponsor has given us permission to also post it here….) With so many choices of food storage products, I decided to give (Wise Food Storage) a shot because a trusted friend liked and recommended their products and Wise Food […]