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Reasons Why Water Is A Basic Need For Survival

Everyone knows that we need water to live. But do we all know the reasons why?

If you recall your basic human biology class, you would know that two out of three parts of our body is made out of water and almost every aspect of our cellular function relies on it. You would also know that when this body fluid is lost through urine, feces, sweat, or even breathing, it should be replenished. Thus, the recommended 8-10 glasses per day.

Studies show that an average person can only survive 3-5 days without water, making it one of the most-needed survival supplies. If you think about it, it can even be more important than food, shelter, or clothing.

Here’s a list of reasons why you can’t survive without water:

Water transports nutrients and oxygen into the cells.

The blood, which is 80% water, serves as the medium by which nutrients, elements and oxygen are distributed throughout the body. These nutrients are delivered from the blood system to the cells in order for the body to function properly.

Water gives energy.

Water carries oxygen to the muscle cells. Proper hydration enables your muscles to work longer and harder. If you plan to engage in any physical activity, drinking water is need (Read More....)

All About Water: Water Preparedness Tips

Food storage; it could be something that you have never thought about. But then again, maybe it is something that is on your mind every time you prepare a meal or go to the grocery store. Whether you are a pro at preparedness, or you have never even considered it before, it doesn’t change the fact that being prepared is of the utmost importance to the wellbeing of both yourself and your family. Most people are aware of the basics of food storage, and might even have a few cans of food shoved away in the back of a cupboard somewhere. But what many people forget, is that you must be just as prepared with water as you are with food - if not more so.

Why is it So Important to Store Water?

Sometimes we take water for granted. That can happen when it comes free from a tap whenever we want it. But when disaster strikes, water is often the first thing to be affected, and that is not just in the case of a drought! Natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes can often cause water problems such as contamination. Should your water be contaminated or cut off completely, it is crucial to have your own supply of water - you won’t survive long without it.< (Read More....)