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Canning Vegetables 101: How to Make Them Last

Preserving fresh garden vegetables through home canning is a cost-effective way to have great tasting, nutritious food at your fingertips year around. If it grows, cultivated or wild, it can be preserved through canning and eaten later. With basic canning knowledge and a few favorite recipes, anyone can be successful at home canning.

Start Clean

No dirt or debris allowed, not even the tiniest particle or it could ruin an entire batch of home canned food. Sterilize all utensils in a boiling water bath: glass jars, lids, rings, funnels, ladles and any other utensil you’ll be using needs to be sterilized in boiling water for five minutes. Remove items from boiling water with sterilized tongs and place on clean, white towel to dry and cool. Cut out any bad spots in vegetables, wash vegetables thoroughly and set aside.

Vegetable Preparation

There are two types of vegetable preparation methods: cold pack and hot pack. Each type has it’s advantages and disadvantages, and simply comes down to which vegetable prep method you prefer.

In the cold pack method, vegetables are peeled, cut, etc. and placed inside the canning jars in their raw form and cooked during a long canning process. The hot pack method involves prepa (Read More....)