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Emergency Tips for Cooking Outside of the Kitchen

Guest Post Lee Flynn

Emergency preparedness is no joke. It only takes one look at the biggest headlines of recent years, and you will see natural disasters, cities in lockdown, and economic crises across the globe; all of which required people to either stay in their homes for days on end, go without a steady […]

Food In Jars- How To Make Your Garden Last Throughout The Year

Author and food blogger Marisa McClellanwas initially drawn to canning and preserving because it produces something that endures – there’s a finished product that you can enjoy over time. Her mom taught her the basics but it wasn’t until she started shopping at farmers’ markets that she realized she could buy produce in season and […]

3 Critical Food Storage Items Often Overlooked

Many people understand the importance of having short and long-term food storage. Adequate food storage can protect you and your loved ones from financial crisis, unforeseen natural disasters, disease outbreaks, war time, road closures, economic instability, damaged crops and any number of unforeseen catastrophes which can shut off our food supply. However, there may be […]